Creating Self Love Routines Workbook


Do you feel like you can‘t get consistent when it comes to self love? This PDF is here to help! This powerful guide will provide you with the right kind of approach to help shift your mindset and start to really show yourself some love. You‘ll learn exactly how to create self love routines that are tailored to your own needs, and discover how to stick to them. With this guide, you can begin your journey to finding self understanding, confidence, and self worth. Get ready to feel empowered, confident, and finally connected to your true self with this brilliant PDF!



Self love nonnegotiable’s take time and consistency to put into place, if you noticed you have the habit of falling into old bad habits, this workbook is for you. This PDF includes a new definition of self love, 4 pillars of healing mindsets, journal prompts, 3 daily acts of self love and so much more!


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