learn to Stop your emotional roller coasters in their tracks.

You feel crazy, all over the place, and just stuck on auto pilot?

Do you feel like there’s no time in your day? That healing will be hard? Do you put everyone in front of taking time for yourself? Have you noticed the same story playing in your head over and over? Are you overwhelmed with where and how to start? In the back of your head, is there a voice telling you… What’s the point… You aren’t worthy… It won’t actually change anything… I’m just broken…

I have been there, and I know exactly how you feel. I promise you there is a path to healing. I genuinely believe that there is a solution for every excuse. We have to shift our priorities and learn how to use our mind as a muscle instead of a weight, which allows us to create healthy boundaries around increasing energy, decreasing stress, improving sleep, ditching body aches, and healing emotional rollercoasters.

Hi! Marissa here, Your Self Love Wellness Coach. My specialty is having a birds-eye view and creating the perfect strategy for you to design your dream life fueled with self-love. Together we will find the root cause of the emotions holding you in the loop of not feeling worthy of taking care of yourself. You’ll learn how to ditch toxins holding your body back from healing and create routines that remind you of who you truly are, allowing you to step into your dream life.


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Daily Acts Of Self Love

Creating Self Love Routines

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Clean Eating

Emotional Detox

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You just simplified so many things in my head today and i’m tired of making things hard and I am trying to open myself up to receive your information and knowledge now. With the little mindset shifts you worked me through, I was able to accomplish so much more in just one hour! THANK YOU!!

Thank you for showing me how to make this work long term and ditch my burnout!! #SelfHighFive

I have felt better every single day since your retreat. This hasn’t happen in YEARS!!!

I’m LOVING your Life Dream Today course! Im so grateful for the monthly breathwork and workouts! It has been such a fun experience! Each month I say wonder how you’ve jumped into my head. It’s truly is helping me be much more positive in my daily life! Even how I talk to and encourage my toddler!