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Hi! I’m Marissa! Your Self Love Wellness Coach, NLP Practitioner, and Fitness Expert!

Do you feel healing is hard? It’s scary and overwhelming. Do you not know where to start or who to trust? I have been there and I know how you feel. I am here to lead you through this journey of healing!​

Healing can be fun, rewarding, and manageable when we work together. I create personalized 1-on-1 coaching programs to overcome stress, anxiety, phobias, body image, trauma, burnout and MORE!

I truly believe there is a solution for every excuse. We just have to shift our priorities and use our mind as a muscle not a weight. I am so excited you are here!


How To Start A Gratitude Practice

3 Daily Acts Of Self Love

Creating Self Love Routines

Online Courses


You just simplified so many things in my head today and i’m tired of making things hard and I am trying to open myself up to receive your information and knowledge now. I did so much business in an hour on my phone with prospects while waiting on the windshield to get fixed. THANK YOU!!

Thank you for showing me how to make this work long term without burnout!!

I have felt better every single day since your retreat. This hasn’t happen in YEARS!!!

I’m LOVING your course! Im so grateful for the 101! I have a much better understanding of how to grow and seriously the mindset chapter – so good! I needed that for life in general!! It’s helping me be much more positive in my daily life! Even how I talk to and encourage my toddler!