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Are you ready to be DONE with being stuck in a loop?
Are you ready to wake up excited about life? 
Are you prepared to find the fun side of yourself? 
Are you ready to release the inner sludge holding you back from your next level? 
Do you need someone to look at where you are and create an action plan for you to start your healing journey? 

My coaching focuses on creating daily self-love routines within the Four Pillars of Health: Structure, Emotions, Environment, and Nutrition. This way, you are fully SEEN and no longer putting a bandage on problems. 

While working with me, you will create space for new perspectives, detox emotions holding you back, and a routine that empowers you to step into your voice. I will be providing valuable resources and tools for you to use daily, standing by your side, celebrating the life you have now while pushing you closer to the goals you have designed!

There are several ways to work with me. My favorite and easiest way to start is to commit to cleaning up your Environmental Pillar. Our Environment plays a huge role in how our bodies heal. Unfortunately, many toxic products are on the store shelves and now in our homes, which create havoc within the body.

Jump into my Ditch and Switch Method with my private education community, Our Essential Life. My Ditch and Switch Method has led clients to see relief from headaches, skin irritations, mood swings, period cramps, seasonal allergies, digestion issues, sleepless nights, respiratory congestion, weight gain, hair loss, and food cravings, emotional trauma, muscle fatigue and so much more!


Finding the root cause of burnout to increase energy, decrease stress, improve sleep, and ditch body aches 

Distance healing session focused on detoxing emotional trauma, trapped emotions, and DNA loops!

Looking for a work life balance? Let's create a strategy together that allows you to live your dreams.

Online courses

Life Dream Today

Clean Eating

Emotional Detox

Body Systems

MEDITATION, Mindset and movement training videos


This will give you an idea of what will be in my Juniper Crew Monthly Self Love Membership!

How To Start A Gratitude Practice

3 Daily Acts Of Self Love

Creating Self Love Routines


I’ve been working with Marissa as my coach for the last year and the only thing I can say about her is she is Life Changing! When I first starting working with Marissa, I was struggling with my personal health and mental patterns/limiting beliefs that were holding me back in so many different areas of my life. Every check in call with her results in a productivity boost, a mental clarity, and my business results always increase with her advice. Not only is she 100% approachable, patient and kind, she’s motivating and lives what she teaches everyday. Her humanity and recognition that bad days exist, but what you do about them is what matters makes her different than any other life skills professional that I’ve worked with. Knowing that I have her in my corner has given me the comfort and guidance to step outside my comfort zone and reach for those goals I never thought I could achieve. She’s got a knack for knowing what you need to hear, whether its a patient and gentle reminder or a kick in the behind to get up and get moving towards that goal! I’m so thankful to have her holding my feet to the fire and keeping me accountable as my business grows!

I took your Emotional Detox In A Box protocol and started using it on my daughter – she has become the happiest baby since then and now we use it daily!

I was noticing that I had a lot of negative thoughts and just with one session, everything was turned around. Thank you for reminding me that my body can heal when it is given the right tools to succeed with

My heart is overflowing with support from you. You have showed me doors in my life I never thought I would have access to. THANK YOU!

The Emotional Detox In A Box took me to emotional places that at times I didn’t quite understand. There were two solid days that I was angry, not at anyone or anything I could put my finger on, just angry. I found myself determined to not let those feelings take over my emotional state of being. Then there were three days I cried, again not over anyone or anything in particular, just overly emotional. Again, I found myself digging deep to overcome these emotions (applying more oils really helped). I slept better at night, and other than these three days, I felt more at peace with my feelings daily, grounded in my emotional well being. I will definitely do this again!

Im on a weight-loss journey and you are always the best at motivating me to stay postive towards myself! THANK YOU!!

Before Emotional Detox In A Box, My mind was in high speed for years. Sleeping problems and blow ups were constant. No good for me! (Or anyone around me!) This program got my mind calm. I fell asleep faster, and deeper which in turn allowed my body to recover more fully. The voices in my head calmed down, my energy increased and again the best sleep I’ve had in years!! Literally years! This adjustment leads into every area – better attitude, more patience, able to do more physically and my joy has come back. It is worth the time and effort. And yes this simple task was an effort. I had to change my alarm to 330 am to get it done in the am (my job starts early) and I was not good at sticking to any protocol! But worth it! Did I mention how much better I sleep?! Ha ha! I didn’t do it for 2 days (after the 30 days were all over) and the restlessness came back! I started doing it again at night immediately. You will not be disappointed.

Marissa’s 3 Month Mentorship was FANTASTIC! It truly was a turning point for me! At the beginning, I had been through a lot of personal struggles and was so upset and discouraged, just wanting to quit everything. These struggles with my mindset surrounding so many areas of life absolutely affected both me personally and my online business.

Her mentorship helped me learn to be consistent, set goals, get comfortable in front of a camera, find accountability, and DO THE WORK. Specifically, her guidance on creating weekly action plans helped me so much with the planning and organization! By the end of the Mentorship, I was volunteering for so many things, pushing myself, and working monthly with clients. After only one month of working with Marissa, I had my biggest sales month on record!! This coaching was what I needed to light a fire under me and prepare me for the next chapter of my journey!

I started with her Three Month Mentorship and have continued to work with her over the year. If you want to grow your business, have accountability, switch your mindset, and are ready to do the work, then you most definitely need to sign up for this mentorship!

Life Dream Today was exactly what I needed to reprioritize my life. It gave me the tools and perspective shifts I needed. The workouts are gentle and able to do them anywhere in just 5 minutes. I find myself using the breathwork often throughout my weeks. For sure something that everyone should do

THANK YOU for all your helpful tips that dont feel so overwhelming and are easy to implement. You are absolutely in the work you are meant to be in. You are an angel to everyone you speak with.