Marissa Marsh

Hey Hey! I am Marissa! I am Your Self Love Wellness Coach!

I specifically support women stuck on emotional roller coasters, giving them tools to create healthy structure within their life.

I have a BFA in Dance, am a certified NLP Practitioner, a certified Emotional Wisdom Coach, and a certified Raindrop practitioner!

These give you a little insight into my coaching style based on Movement, Mindset, and Meditation.

Ready to get a sneak peek of my life? As most life stories go – mine has a lot of ups, downs, and Loopie Loos – that’s still a phrase, right… Time to reminisce!

I was born with a midwife in Florida and raised in Alabama from the time I was 11 days old. I started walking at nine months, and at 18 months, a Dance Instructor saw me twirling up and down my mom’s wellness clinic and asked if I could join her dance company (I was the youngest dancer she had ever taken with a firm three yo or above rule). By 8, I remember sitting with my mom and telling her dance would be my career. She smiled and said perfect, how are you going to make that happen and we created my first life plan. Shortly afterward, I started performing with Alabama Ballet, leading to multi-state traveling and performing full-length ballets. In 7th grade, I was one of three accepted out of hundreds of applications for the Alabama School of Fine Arts (ASFA). At orientation, I was told less than 1% of all students that started in 7th grade would graduate because of injury, advancement, passion, or work ethic.

While at ASFA, I was introduced to many dance styles: Ballet (Balanchine, French, Classical), Modern (Horton and Graham), African, Character, Jazz (Fosse), as well as several contemporary styles.  Six years later, I walked the stage, the 1%.
My passion and talent for dance led me to be a certified American Ballet Theater and Ballet Dancer by 10th grade. From 7th grade on, my parents would put me on a plane, and I began traveling the USA, attending dance intensives on scholarships to American Ballet Theater, Dance Theater of Harlem, and Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater.
After my Junior Year, I was offered a position within the Alvin Ailey school, but I decided I wanted a broader approach to dance. In 2013, I moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to study Modern Dance at Point Park University’s Conservatory of Performing Arts. The first day of dance classes was placement auditions, which meant about 6 hours of challenging dance classes. In the last 15 minutes of the day, someone walked onto the stage while I was mid-leap, and my choice was to hit her full in the face or attempt to spin my jump. Her saved face meant I injured myself. 
Medical imaging showed a dislocated great toe and partially torn tendons. The M.D.’s estimated that I would need at least six to eight months of recovery time on crutches, in a boot, and physical therapy and dance became a large maybe. I wasn’t ok with that. I wanted a complete recovery, not a maybe. 
I started exploring multiple avenues for health and performance rehabilitation. I was raised to know I could heal, so I dove back into learning how the science of Epigenetics works. I jumped hard into the structural and environmental recovery but didn’t listen to the nutritional or emotional aspects of healing. My accountability team for healing quickly called me out for only doing 1/2 the work to heal. So I incorporated the nutritional or emotional elements as well. These tweaks I made within my lifestyle to expedite healing worked, and within four months, I was back dancing, performing, and graduating with honors with a BFA in Dance. 


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After graduation in 2017, I bought a Jeep Wrangler for a cross-country road trip starting in Alabama, then to Georgia, then to North Carolina, Connecticut, New Hampshire, through Pennsylvania, Illinois, Colorado, Arizona, and then up and back down the coast of California! 

Travel has always been my love language, and I knew I wanted to see the world before I picked a company to dance with. Santa Barbara, California, is where I landed and became a company member with Selah Dance and Nebula Dance Lab. It was this community that showed me how fun cross-training could be. I discovered I loved lifting weights, hot vinyasa yoga, and hiking. I was falling in love with all that California offered me. Unfortunately, at the same time, I had to face that my health was starting to spiral out of control. I had severe skin rashes on my face and neck that would ooze and burn. I had insomnia, nausea, extremely low energy levels, no appetite, digestive issues, my confidence was gone, and I was talking awfully about myself… just to name a few significant symptoms. I knew it was time for a big change. I decided to explore daily routines based on the Four Pillars of Health: Structure, Emotion, Environment, and Nutrition. I wanted to be SEEN again to find the root causes, and I knew Epegentic Healing was the path to getting there.

I started taking a hard look at how I was treating my body. I decided I needed to take a break from the extreme exercise, hours upon hours of daily dance, working jobs I didn’t love, and people who were not speaking life over me and focus entirely on myself and my healing. 

With no rhyme or reason, other than thinking maybe within the Asian methods, I could find my health again. I booked a one-way ticket to Hong Kong. I spent my time healing, learning, exploring, and oddly began teaching. 

My favorite class I taught is what I call ‘Ditch and Switch’, ditching toxins hiding in the Four Pillars of Health that cause inflammation in the body—from there, switching to clean products that are not green-washed, genetically modified, or covered in pesticides!

2019 became a year of travel and focusing on things that brought JOY into my life, fueling my body with clean nutrition and lots of daily walking. I spent a few months in Hong Kong and was able to jump to Singapore for mindset training. Next, I took a healing education training cruise from Washington to Alaska. The next adventure was a Wellness Conference in Utah. Afterward, I decided to move again. California was no longer where I loved, and I decided to road trip back to Sweet Home, Alabama. While there, I helped restore an old Cabin, which I now host retreats from and is next to ancient Native American Ceremonial Grounds that include a 104-foot double waterfall to heal. That fall, I returned to Hong Kong to teach at The Garden Gathering – an International Women’s Retreat. Then I jumped over to Indonesia to celebrate all the healing and growth within my body. Once I returned to the states, I continued my road trip from Alabama to Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut and finally landed in New Hampshire, where I currently live. Then 2020 hit.


Finding the root cause of burnout to increase energy, decrease stress, improve sleep, and ditch body aches 

Distance healing session focused on detoxing emotional trauma, trapped emotions, and DNA loops!

Looking for a work life balance? Let's create a strategy together that allows you to live your dreams.

What a glorious time to review and implement everything I had learned. 2020 gave me so many pivots and opportunities to continue to heal. In the spring, I decided to dive deeper into mindset coaching. I became an NLP Practitioner – which explores how we talk to and about ourselves and challenges our limiting beliefs, the voices in our heads that hold us back. 2020 is also where I co-created a fantastic online course, Life Dream Today, with an All Natural Family Doc and a Holistic Dietitian, a 12-week coaching program where you grow toward living your dream life. Each week is a new topic to grow yourself. In week one, we cover Epigenetics and how that relates to trauma, nutrition, self-love, and fitness! There is homework, workouts, food log, breath-work, and more to have you implement creating your Life Dream.
I have always been fascinated with how the body works and – when given the best tools – how the body can change and heal itself. Epigenetics rocks, and I’ve seen it work time and time again! I love sharing this information with others. My favorite people to coach are the ones that are multi-passionate. When you have more than one passion, you are prone to burnout, which could result in being stuck in a fight or flight stress response. A simple fix for this is to teach breathing techniques so that your chest stress response breathing patterns stop creating a negative emotional reaction or anxiety.
I coach on the skills behind creating a solid growth mindset while prioritizing self-care protocols to reverse the side effects of burnout. I genuinely believe that there is a solution for every excuse. It just takes shifting priorities that allow the space to use our mind as a muscle, not a weight.

One question I see people asking is, “do I really need a coach?” the answer is yes. Yes, it would be best if you had accountability. In ballet class, you run the same exercises over and over and over. This repetition creates muscle memory. As a classically trained dancer, I have spent thousands of hours doing the same basic technique exercises so that my body naturally goes into the positions. Yet, I still needed a coach to watch over me and ensure my technique was correct. You need a blueprint to follow and someone to support your growth! That is what I would love to be for you!

I love to coach women on how to reconnect with their higher self and detox what is no longer serving the body. I accomplish this through 1:1 Self Love Coaching Sessions, Emotional Detox sessions, Emotional Wisdom sessions, Healing Retreats, and Online Courses with All Natural Family Doc, or in my wellness education oily community Our Essential Life. I am also the co-founder of Brain Food That Works, a mineral supplement for brain and mental health. While also working towards my Ph.D. in Metaphysical Sciences with a focus on Meditation. 

So to wrap this life highlight up, I am currently coaching online, creating retreats, and traveling the world exploring the beauty of it all. I am so excited to be the coach in your corner that walks beside you as your step into your dream life. To get started, book a session today. Talk soon! – Marissa


Your Emotional Detox in a box protocol CHANGED. MY. LIFE. I havent had an argument with my husband in months, I am able to notice my emotional needs and support them. I actually feel like myself again!

TOMOROW IS 2 YEARS NO MEDICINE IN THE BODY!!!!!! PERIOD AT ALL!!!!! Feelings better than I ever have before!

Thank you for making it all simple.

This was the second time I have run through the Emotional Detox In A Box and I’m amazed at the difference. Last time it brought out a real fire in me to pursue a dream that had been lingering in the back of my mind. This time it was more about working through some emotions that I had stuffed away. My dreams were vivid and somewhat disturbing. So I had to really sit with myself and do some searching to deal with what I had stuffed and I put it to rest. This was an exhausting but amazing experience and I’m happy that I took the time to work through it.

You lit a fire under me this morning. Just meditated in the shower and how awesome is it that it resonated with our conversation. My chakras are beginning to turning the right direction. Ive learned that why I struggle with non-negotiable is because I listen to the people around me define my boundaries (or whats too much) instead of defining them for myself

I have noticed a tremendous change in my physical and emotional state. I absolutely love the tools you taught me how to use!