How to Build a Passive Income

I grew up in my moms business. She would always say “Thats awesome you want to do that, what are 3 ways you could make it happen?”

This lead be know there was no way I would be able to live in a world with a box around myself. I knew I would do things differently. I clearly remember being very young watching the nutcracker and being completely taken away with how amazing a performance was. I remember that audience being taken on an adventure and walk out of the theater with a new perspective. It was amazing and at that moment I knew I wanted to be a classical dancer because I would be able to change peoples perspective on life. Now I have found a way to do that on a larger scale.

I love coaching people on how to fall back in love with their life by removing limiting beliefs. The most common limiting belief I run into is – I am not worthy. This is why I start with ditching and switching – it shows the true value of when we treat our body lovingly, we radiate love for ourself and others. Our worth rises with our frequency.

Personal growth is how we continue to raise our frequency. Your transformation is someone else’s blueprint for success and I teach you how to create the foundation through my online course. If you are ready to build a paycheck go ahead and fill out this form

Business Tools

This online course is the one-stop place that breaks down all things behind the scenes on your oily business!
Guidebook For Success YL Business FULL YEAR Calendar. Monthly affirmations, themes, oil of the month, raffle, weekly income producing activities.


I LOVE WORKING WITH MARISSA!! She is fanfreakingtastic! Her enthusiasm is contagious and abundant. Marissa’s dedication to fulfill her job description of leading a team of ladies toward a 3 month goal is admirable. Her willingness to help like-minded learners acquire new skills and hone talents is much appreciated. I look forward to the knowledge she will serve up in the future.

You know one of the things I love about you? You dont just say “i’ll handle thing” but encourage growth and responsibility and actually teach how to do something and get to the bottom of limiting beliefs.

Before oils I use to go through allergy medicine like crazy (I would develop an immunity to them after a couple of days) Your allergy protocol works so fast and I never build an immunity to it and its been years!!!

We use YL CBD oil. My husband is a combat vet and has pain all over his body from many close by explosions he experienced during his time in war. The CBD oil and rub, along with chiropractic care and a clean diet, have made a tremendous difference in reducing pain and inflammation.

OH WOW! I just applied envision to my forehead. Valor to my heart. Rosemary to my scalp. Diffusing Egyptian Gold. Im like not on earth right now. I LOVE OILS!

Your protocols got me 20 prospects in 6 days. THATS THE FASTEST IVE EVER BUILT CUSTOMERS!

I was hesitant to work with Marissa initially.. because of my lack of technology skills. However she quickly put me at ease and our sessions were fun, and informative. Marissa’s kindness, patience and determination to help me understand technology allowed me to grow at my own pace and be successful.

I highly recommend Marissa.. and look forward to working with her again in the future!


Just 1 month of working together my social media has dramatically increased – engagement on posts, im more consistent, and connecting with more people! This is awesome!!